1.       Yuan always waits at his neighbor Gerald every morning. He enjoys seeing him while biking and imitates the actions of Gerald while he rides his own bike. Who is the proponent of Social Learning Theory which applies in the situation?
A.     Bandura                           C. Bruner
B.     Kohlberg                           D. Skinner
RATIONALIZATION: A- Albert Bandura developed the Social Learning Theory and advocated that “children learn from what they see in the environment.”
2.      A child submitted a poor written report but packaged with brightly colored paper. This showcases_______.
A.     Art over academics         C. art over science
B.     Substance over “porma” D. “porma” over substance
RATIONALIZATION: D- When a student focuses more on designs and embellishments rather than of content of a report, then it shows “porma” over substance.
3.      With the use of mnemonics, the students are able to _____information.
A.     Analyze                             C. understand
B.     Apply                                 D. remember
RATIONALIZATION: D-mnemonics like “My Dear Aunt Sally” to mean multiplication, division, addition and subtraction help students remember information easily
4.      According to Krathwohls’ affective domain of objectives,________ is the lowest level of affective behavior.
A.     Valuing                             C. responding
B.     Organization                    D. characterization
RATIONALIZATION: C-the arrangement of Krathwohls’ affective domain is responding, valuing, organization and characterization.
5.      A boy is closer to his mother and a girl is close to her father. These instances are under_.
A.     Oedipal complex              C. phallic stage
B.     Latent stage                     D. Pre-genital stage
RATIONALIZATION: C-when a boy is closer to the mother (Oedipus complex) and a girl is closer to her father (Electra complex), these instances are under Freud’s phallic stage in the Psychosexual Development Theory.
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1.       Teacher Abi asks one of her students, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” This question is an indication of what kind of philosophy?
A.     Progressivism                  C. Existentialism
B.     Naturalism                       D. Idealism
RATIONALIZATION:  D-idealism because it stresses the existence of ideas independent from the material world. Ideas that which exist in the mind are the only reality.
2.      Teacher Jessy has not only explained the concept of Philosophy of Education but also imparted this to her students. This demonstrates what kind of philosophy?
A.     Naturalism                       C. Realism
B.     Idealism                           D. Perennialism
RATIONALIZATION: C-realism concerns with what is real, actual. For ideas to be realized, they must be transferred or demonstrated.
3.      Which pillar of learning aimed in the acquisition of the instrument of understanding in order to develop the students’ learn-to-learn skills?
A.     Learning to do                 C. learning to live together
B.     Learning to know             D. learning to be
RATIONALIZATION: B- learning to know implies learning how to earn by developing one’s concentration, memory skills and ability to think, acquiring the instrument of understanding.
4.      In his class, Teacher Jakob always presents principles and values so as to encourage his students to examine them and decide for themselves whether to accept them or not. What kind of philosophy does he practice?
A.     Idealism                           C. Humanism
B.     Essentialism                    D. Existentialism
RATIONALIZATION: D-Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes subjectivity, freedom and responsibility.
5.      When a teacher emphasizes that man’s sense should be trusted because they are the only way to acquire knowledge, the teacher can be regarded as____.
A.     Naturalist                         C. Empiricist
B.     Realist                              D. Pragmatist
RATIONALIZATION: C-empiricism upholds that the only source of knowledge is the senses and sense-based experience.
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1.       The school conducted a general student election for the Supreme Student Council. The election is patterned after the COMELEC system. The school is using what kind of technique?
A.     Symposium                      C. Panel discussion
B.     Simulation                                    D. Dramatization
RATIONALIZATION: B-simulation is an activity that simulates “almost real-life situation”. Other applications of simulation are the following: simulated flight for aviation students, assigning student to be the mayor of the day.
2.      During problem solving method, the teacher’s primary role is:
A.     Director                            C. lecturer
B.     Clarifier                            D. judge
RATIONALIZATION: B-during problem solving activities, the teacher acts as a clarifier especially when students are in doubt how to go about the problem.
3.      Which among the following devices can be a scaled replica of a certain object?
A.     Mock ups                          C. globes
B.     Models                              D. maps
RATIONALIZATION: B- models like Heart Models are scaled replicas.
4.      Which of the following would be the best choice if a teacher would like to focus on attitudinal change?
A.     Dramatization                  C. role play
B.     Field study                                   D. simulation
RATIONALIZATION: C-role playing allows the child to shows his own personal emotions and therefore is a good option when focusing on attitudinal change.
5.      This method relies heavily upon showing the learners a model performance.
A.     Activity                              C. reporting
B.     Demonstration                 D. field study
RATIONALIZATION: B- demonstration includes Teacher-Directed Demo, Student-Directed Demo, Teacher-Student Directed Demo and Resource Person-Directed Demo.
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