"Libreng Gamutan Sa Barangay" ICCT's Medical Mission

Libreng Gamutan sa Barangay
July 29, 2011
Sitio Panghulo, Taytay Rizal
In Celebration of                                             Chairman's Day, Dr. William S. Co

The Victor of Sublime Refrain (Dusky Arya Continues)

Now that I have returned from solitude; the summer solstice but cut the daredevil in me, I am no longer a solute in a solvent of wrath.
I caressed my own flesh and felt my blood with no more burning heat. True, that I corroded already my black sheep side. I taught English and Araling Panlipunan, these but left me nightmares of my ambitious history. I was reminded of my forced reincarnation.

ACSAC (Antipolo Christian Schools Administrators Club, Inc.) @ 7

Theme: Moving Forward for a New Beginning
                                      Golden Sunbeams Christian School
                           Antipolo United Methodist Church, Antipolo City
                                          July 29, 2011-8:00-1:00 PM

ICCT Intramural Athletics: The Grandest Sports Event In Rizal

G-Demo of thousands of ICCTnians
Torch Lighting
                  The ICCT Colleges FI will have its annual sportsfest, Mini-Olympics on August 19 2011 at Marikina Sports Center, Marikina City to showcase sports inclinations, physical skill and stamina of collegians representing different colleges in different events

Philippines Hankers for Steadfast Government, Not for Incompetent Politicos

In a couple of examined years of alleviating the desolations of the poor, there is nothing so far as controversial as news brought by political corruptions and insurgencies. In fact, the mere choice of media audience is to simply let bad news pass through their overexhausted senses. Earnestly speaking, there is no more showcase of positive actions that define politicos.  The infamy, bad images do the publicities. The more the intriguing cases of corruption and negligence of public duty, the more are the texts to be read. Thus, there is no longer concrete discernment between celebrities and politicos.

ICCT Educators' Society Tarps Touched Up, In Seven Campuses

                ICCT Cainta---The ICCT Educators' Society is on the  next level of introducing its new set of officers ( not totally "new" because in its constitution, an  officer shall only be removed from the position if and only if he is no longer connected (already finished his degree or not anymore enrolled) with the institution, thus, requiring the remaining officers to be promoted to higher positions). The concrete goal of which is to continue what the earlier administration has started and endeavored.
            As per project proposed, Educators' Society is consensus of what has been called "Educators' Society Acquaintance Campaign." This extends the influence (awareness in a reciprocal way) of the society to all the College of Education studs. The organizational chart of Educators' Society on tarpaulins will be displayed by the officers Click here ICCT Educators' Society / Read More>>>>>>

Yaw Yan Martial Arts Training In The Philippines

Yaw- Yan has become a significant thing to talk about. I got to know it at Blessed Pedro Calungsod Academy where it is a part of their curriculum. Youngsters find it also an interesting key ingredient of physical fitness and well being. But what is Yaw- Yan?Click This Link To Know (wikipedia.org)

NUTRITION MONTH :Isulong ang Breastfeeding-Tama, Sapat at EKsklusibo


                   Lexicon Universal Encyclopedia defines nutrition as " the science that interprets the relationship of food to the functioning of the living organism and is concerned with the intake of food, digestive processes, the liberation of energy, and the elimination of wastes, as well as with all the syntheses that are essential for maintenance, growth and reproduction;" a definition expressed tersely in fewer words, "the act or process of nourishing; esp. the processes by which an individual takes in and utilizes food material" by Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Ten And The Next Thousands

The Team
            Out of all adverse decisions I rule my sharp turns, one thing pertinacious is on bringing my youth into early concrete realization of my passion. Yes, I am a heart-strong educator. The teaching principles and strategic faculties have sufficed my disposition in life.
         In teaching, the learner is the center of educational objectives. A post I had in my blog revealed educator's daily challenges, sort of my short-winged experiences at Blessed Pedro Calungsod Academy. Observed in my four weeks as Student Teacher are individual differences of my ten students that need my respect and personal adjustments. True that I have pin pointed the key factor, which by congruent and resolving action will likely boost my efficiency and effectiveness as teacher.
          Elvin, the strong-willed, curious learner. His candid answers reveal a preference to non-intricate learning. He needs a good guidance and nurturing to gradually harness his profound ideas and thoughts.
           Zueitina, the academically inclined. She is well-managed and discovery-oriented. She deserves compliments yet needs an intellectual environment to be fully furnished with indispensable wisdom.

AMY Scholarship

           AMY scholarship is a financial assistance equipped by the altruistic AMY (Alfredo M. Yao) Foundation, Inc., a social arm of Philippine Business Bank (PBB), to indigent yet deserving students in the country who excel academically and who have graduated as Valedictorians and Salutatorians in their respective high schools.

Educator's Daily Challenges

The BPCA Library
         4 July 2011 (Monday) I arrived at Blessed Pedro Calungsod Academy at around seven, had my timecard punched and rushed upstairs for a liturgy. Bro. Ricardo Francisco, BPCA President officiated the mass and left the reflection on the gospel to Bro. George, our newly introduced Guidance Counselor. The reflection was catchy. Calungsodians enjoyed listening and doing the jolts. Before the mass adjourned, Bro. Ricky officially introduced Bro. George and announced that Sir Garry, OIC had been promoted Assistant Principal. Then, I waited in the library for my class hours.

3rd, 4th To Rise

            ICCT (Institute of Creative Computer Technology) Colleges Foundation, Inc. located at V.V. Soliven Avenue II, Cainta Rizal (across Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall) has announced through Mr. Darwin Dulay, VP for Special Projects during the General Orientation for Freshmen on June 19, 2011 that the academe is on a blueprint of rising its third and fourth buildings. The announcement has pushed early rumors, upon clearing and fencing of the adjacent lot, into a consensus challenge of a university.

Tao Palibhasa'y Nakikiramdam

Song of a Fisherman (Google.com)
            Papaibayo na naman ang kalamigang nanunuot sa aking kaluob-looban. Nananariwa na naman ang mga malulutong na halakhak ng hangin habang pahampas-hampas sa aking balat. Napapikit akong sandali matapos masipat ang malaking kalendaryong nabibitin sa dingding. Halos hindi ko na maalala ang mga matutuling pangyayari sa ngayong papaupos nang taon. Talagang hindi ko maalala nang huli akong humingi sa Kanya at Kanyang pinagbigyan. Hindi ko maintindihan ang aking sarili. Pabago-bago.
             Matagal na akong nakatayo sa harapan ng kalendaryo gayung hindi mga numero ang aking natititigan. Puting-puti ang dingding na aking nakikita ngayon. Sumandali pa'y hinawi ng malakas na hangin ang malaking kalendaryo na naging dahilan upang ako'y magising sa isang imahinasyon. Hindi naman kalaliman ang tagpong iyon upang maisulat ko pa sa pamamagitan ng lapis at papel. Pawang simpleng tula, simpleng haiku o simpleng tanaga ngunit may ibig ipakahulugan na kahit pilosopo o manunulat ay hindi makakaunawa. Kagaya lamang iyon ng daloy ng tubig na nangangailangan ng pang-unawa sa mga hipon o susong masasagasaan at magdudulot ng pag-iiba ng landas. Hindi ko iyon tinatawag na kapalaran sapagkat may mga pagkakataong naging mahina at may pagkakamali sa panig ng mga nadaraanan ng matuling agos ng baliktad na pagkakaunawa ng tubig. Saka lamang maiintindihan ng agos ang pagkakamali kapag nasa hangganan na ng mga alon. Saka lamang kapag nakapagdulot na ng kasawian sa mga sinasagasaan. Umuurong din ang agos ng tubig lalo na kapag sinasalunga ang mas makapangyarihang alon. Talaga nga yatang ganito at wala nang iba ang buhay sa mundo.


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