Yaw Yan Martial Arts Training In The Philippines

Yaw- Yan has become a significant thing to talk about. I got to know it at Blessed Pedro Calungsod Academy where it is a part of their curriculum. Youngsters find it also an interesting key ingredient of physical fitness and well being. But what is Yaw- Yan?Click This Link To Know (wikipedia.org)

Ten And The Next Thousands

The Team
            Out of all adverse decisions I rule my sharp turns, one thing pertinacious is on bringing my youth into early concrete realization of my passion. Yes, I am a heart-strong educator. The teaching principles and strategic faculties have sufficed my disposition in life.
         In teaching, the learner is the center of educational objectives. A post I had in my blog revealed educator's daily challenges, sort of my short-winged experiences at Blessed Pedro Calungsod Academy. Observed in my four weeks as Student Teacher are individual differences of my ten students that need my respect and personal adjustments. True that I have pin pointed the key factor, which by congruent and resolving action will likely boost my efficiency and effectiveness as teacher.
          Elvin, the strong-willed, curious learner. His candid answers reveal a preference to non-intricate learning. He needs a good guidance and nurturing to gradually harness his profound ideas and thoughts.
           Zueitina, the academically inclined. She is well-managed and discovery-oriented. She deserves compliments yet needs an intellectual environment to be fully furnished with indispensable wisdom.