ICCT Educators' Society Tarps Touched Up, In Seven Campuses

                ICCT Cainta---The ICCT Educators' Society is on the  next level of introducing its new set of officers ( not totally "new" because in its constitution, an  officer shall only be removed from the position if and only if he is no longer connected (already finished his degree or not anymore enrolled) with the institution, thus, requiring the remaining officers to be promoted to higher positions). The concrete goal of which is to continue what the earlier administration has started and endeavored.
            As per project proposed, Educators' Society is consensus of what has been called "Educators' Society Acquaintance Campaign." This extends the influence (awareness in a reciprocal way) of the society to all the College of Education studs. The organizational chart of Educators' Society on tarpaulins will be displayed by the officers Click here ICCT Educators' Society / Read More>>>>>>
and will be seen in seven campuses of ICCT Colleges throughout the province of Rizal, namely: Cainta, Antipolo, Binangonan, San Mateo, Angono, Taytay and Cogeo.
               EDUCATORS' SOCIETY is a recognized student organization initiated by the dean of the College of Education, Dean Raul M. Pineda of the ICCT Colleges Foundation, Inc., Cainta Campus.
            Over the years, College of Education has produced teachers and professionals. Along the way of the dedicated profession, the College sees to it that quality education is what the instructors and professors cater their clientele. In fact, the College gained reputation for having been the cradle of the first Latin Awardee, Cum Laude in the person of Ms. Helen B. Requilman. Last graduation, College of Education bagged the three major Latin Awards which has been considered a history. Ms. Annie Liza Lim, Summa Cum Laude; Ms. Oharrah Mae Bernardez, Magna Cum Laude and Ms. Gladys Mangahas, Cum Laude; the three who were also then officers of the Educators’ Society.

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